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The Outdoor BBQ Area – Creating the Centrepiece of the Aussie Home

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The outdoor bbq area is more often than not the most widely used space in the Australian home. Therefore, we wanted to provide the most detailed list of outdoor bbq ideas and outdoor bbq kitchen inspiration.

The backyard BBQ has always been a favourite fun time for Australians but this outdoor kitchen trend has hit new heights. Now, Aussies prefer to combine the traditional style with most of the convenience items you find in indoor kitchens.

And for more convenience, most have started making the switch from charcoal-style to gas-style grills and barbecues. Speak to us at GetGas to determine how best to make that switch or how to set up a gas-style outdoor BBQ at your home.

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The Trendiest Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Ideas

With items like a kitchen sink, fridge, seating area, etc. now part of the modern outdoor BBQ area, check out these ideas to inspire your outdoor kitchen area.

Use a Pergola, Patio, or Verandah

When it gets to midsummer, the Australian sun usually becomes too hot. A well-built veranda, pergola, or patio can provide the perfect escape from the heat. You’ll also appreciate the shelter once it gets to winter so you can enjoy all-year-round barbecues with family and friends.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Drenched in the sun, this kitchen sits right next to an open-air dining area. It also comes with extra cooking power in the form of a separate gas burner with a hooded barbecue. There are marble benchtops and an extraction unit with overhead lighting to deal with the BBQ smoke while protecting you from the rains.

Refrigerated Drawers

Yass! What would an afternoon barbecue party, a warm day picnic, or a family fun fair night lounge be like without cool drinks? Boring right?! Install refrigerator drawers to keep cool drinks flowing at your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Blinds

Touch up your outdoor BBQ space with a set of stylish outdoor blinds. One important factor to consider is how best to protect yourself from the elements when setting up an outdoor space. Outdoor blinds make it easy to get that part sorted out. This feature also protects you against insects, which is quite the motivation you need to consider getting them installed.

Build a Timber Deck

Flooring enthusiasts in Australia can tell you how popular an option timber decking has become. It doesn’t just bring versatility and style to your outdoor kitchen. It’s also cost-effective and durable while making your pergola or patio setting feel a lot more relaxing. A timber deck simply improves your outdoor area and is one of the best outdoor BBQ kitchen ideas right now, requiring minimal maintenance.

Open Air Corner

Everything to love about this kitchen with its inviting, modern setting. Made to look like an indoor room, this outdoor kitchen comes with dark grey wood slat walls, as well as kitchen base. The counters and floors also have light grey touches with warmth coming from a built-in fireplace.

Hideaway Kitchen

This kitchen-in-a-box style is great and makes your outdoor BBQ space ready and accessible when needed but keeps it out of sight when not in use. Such a brilliant design for protecting your kitchen implements when the rains come.

Pizza Oven

Yes, no outdoor kitchen cooking can be complete without barbecues. But who says you can’t have pizza? Go creative and ensure you enjoy pizza and bread made at home and served hot with your barbecues by adding a pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen.

Rustic Barbecue Station

Specially designed for non-stop barbecues, this manly outdoor kitchen has the modern grill at the centre. On both sides of the grill, you’ll find sufficient counter spaces. With a stripped wood pergola, reed wall slats, and bare wood flooring, settle into that cowboy vibe with ease.

Retractable Canopy

Next on our list of outdoor BBQ ideas is a retractable canopy. This one’s best for you if you fancy a shade for when the weather gets hot but also hate to have a permanent roof above your kitchen. The canopy is another trendy idea, easy to draw out or hide, depending on your needs at any point in time.

Alfresco All The Way

At GetGas, we totally love the open-air setting exposed to the elements. That’s why the setup is designed using very solid and durable materials like brick and stone. Water-resistant stainless steel goes into the hooded barbecue construction which also comes with a hooded 3-burner plate and a side roaster. The cooking process is better controlled by the chef with the help of the temperature gauges. You also have to plumb a sink into the stone bench.

Glass Windows

Wide glass windows are all you need to create this magic, which also makes sense if you want to install a garden or poolside. And it’s a brilliant idea if you’d like to transition from outdoor to indoor cooking from time to time. During parties and picnics, put up the windows but close them when you want some indoor cooking experience. To complement the style, add some stools along with a fold-down counter.

What Cooking Method is Best For the Outdoor BBQ Area?

BBQ veterans and enthusiasts have had this argument for far too long.  When setting up your outdoor BBQ area, you’ll likely have this conversation at some point. So what cooking method is best? Should you go with charcoal? Or is gas better?

Here’s some professional advice from our gasfitters at GetGas:

Grilling with charcoal is nice, especially when you’re out camping with the family. But over time, cooking on a gas grill has become the most preferred style. There are many reasons but let’s consider some of them.

When it comes to efficiency, gas grills come out on top when compared to charcoal. They are also easier to use with the high capacity for heating up very fast. Gas BBQs also give you better control of the cooking process. Charcoal barbecues are also harder to clean. You don’t have to do so much cleaning with gas barbecues which provide consistent heat and relatively little amounts of burn residue.

Speak With A Gas Fitter About Getting A Gas Outdoor BBQ

The Great Outdoors Just Got Even Better With GetGas

If you are considering setting up the outdoor BBQ area at your home, our ideas discussed above can help you create something perfect.

And since cooking is a big part of what makes an outdoor barbecue area come alive, it makes sense to discuss your options with a gas BBQ and outdoor kitchen professional. A gas expert is in the best position to help you determine what’s best for your needs.

Give us a call at 1300-854-661 to speak with one of GetGas’s expert gas fitters as we’d love to assist you in your next project project.

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