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Commercial Gas Heating Options for Business

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Businesses must make crucial decisions to stay afloat and remain profitable. One such decision has to do with fuel sources which ultimately impacts its environmental and financial efficiencies. Investing in a heating system is a significant investment for any business and commercial gas heating is an option.

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to natural gas heating and all you have to do is find the best one for your business. You want an industrial LPG heater that is energy efficient and convenient. Some also consider what’s best for outdoor heating and aesthetics.

Many businesses in Australia are now solving their energy needs by turning to natural gas and this comes as no surprise. That’s because gas is highly reliable, as well as versatile and controllable. Gas commercial heaters can be used by government buildings, restaurants, hotels, religious buildings, schools, apartments and offices.

So, no matter what kind of business you run, you’ll find a system for your needs. Let’s discuss some different ways in which commercial entities can apply natural gas heating.

Outdoor Gas Heating

As it starts to get chill, spending the night outdoors might no longer feel like something your guests want to do. But with commercial outdoor heaters, you’ve got nothing to worry about. There is a wide range of outdoor gas heating options to keep your guests warm while they enjoy some good cuisine.

Outdoor gas heaters bring a warm atmosphere to outdoor spaces by using radiant heat. They are available in different styles, sizes and shapes all designed to meet the requirements of your space. But keep in mind that they are basically built for outdoor areas and should be maintained that way.

Hospitality Heating

Businesses in the hospitality industry need reliable heating options that won’t leave them stranded. These hospitality businesses can ensure that both employees and customers stay warm by using commercial heaters. So, if you run a restaurant, pub, café, or food supply business you can explore natural gas heating for your business.

For example, you can create outdoor heating by using patio heaters. Industrial heaters have become the go-to for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. We’ve also seen commercial entities that make use of LPG heaters for work and break areas for their employees.

Commercial Outdoor Heating Systems for Pools and Decks

One benefit of gas heaters is their portability. Apart from bars and restaurants, you’ll find them being used in decks and pool areas. Through a radiant heat system, they continue to supply warmth in steady streams. You can even position them right in the middle of your entertainment space to get them working more effectively.

Manufacturers of most gas heaters say that their commercial heaters offer clean burning and are almost odourless. They are available in different sizes and styles including freestanding heaters for bigger spaces and tabletops for smaller spaces. Some gas heaters can link directly to your natural gas line while the more portable heaters will need a gas bottle.

Businesses also need a heating system for pools, especially for those situated in cooler parts of Australia. And even if your business operates from a warmer region, a pool heating system is still necessary. During winter, your customers may not enjoy your pool but commercial gas heating for pools can help solve that problem, making your pool accessible all around the year.

Gas might be relatively expensive for pool heating but it’s very reliable and arguably the most effective. That’s because it doesn’t depend on air temperature or solar energy. Gas pool heaters will keep your pool water set at whatever temperature you desire no matter the time of the year.

For this very reason, most spa businesses are turning to gas heaters as the best way to heat their water. As you already know, spas offer services that promote muscular injury recovery and pain relief through hydrotherapy treatments. So, spa water needs to stay at a temperature level that’s both relaxing and comfortable at all times. For businesses that are planning a spa, pool, or combination of both, the best commercial heating method might just be gas.

When it comes to heating pool water using an industrial gas heater, another benefit is the speed with which it heats the water. Depending on the size of your gas system, it might take less than an hour to heat spa water. This makes it a great choice, especially in moments when the water is too cool but there’s a need to use the pool in a hurry.

More Industrial Gas Heating Applications

Industrial gas heaters like blow heaters also have more applications in commercial settings, including construction, agriculture, and more. Blow heaters are cost-effective and reliable.  They can be used as commercial gas heaters for warehouses, breeding sheds, transport terminals, etc. They also are one of the best garage heaters. Blow heaters help to dry and cure materials in many industries.

Boilers also have applications in many industrial and commercial settings. They can be used in hospitals, farms, laundromats, high-rise buildings, hospitality venues, etc. Natural gas boilers come with a host of benefits. They incur very low operation costs and their design allows them to run by themselves without being manned. Natural gas boilers are reliable when it comes to hot water and steam production.

Why Choose Commercial Gas Heating for Your Business?

Commercial gas heating offers clean-burning and you don’t have to deal with the mess caused by ashes. You’ll also keep your customers comfortable and warm no matter how big or small your business space is. Industrial heaters also allow you more control over the temperature based on your needs. In all, you enjoy potential savings and energy efficiency with a commercial or industrial LPG heater.

With gas commercial heaters as your preferred heating method, you can use more of your restaurant’s and Café’s outdoor space. You’ll enjoy all-year-round heating and bring ambience, charm, and character to your commercial space.  What’s more? You contribute to making your business greener as natural gas heating is environmentally friendly.

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